“My Son Can’t Stand me!” Claudia Cardinale Discussed Her Difficult Son Relationship! What is the reason?

Claudia Cardinale was a very skilled and stunning actress from Italy. She won over admirers everywhere. As a symbol of elegance, grace, and femininity, the actress was looked up to by many women. Since she was a little girl, the other sex has been drawn to her because of her natural beauty. Regretfully, her attractiveness cruelly tricked her.

He followed and hunted the young Claudia for a long time until she failed to resist a Frenchman. Regretfully, he didn’t end there. The young actress was molested by the man. She quickly discovered that she was pregnant. The child’s father, of course, was someone she never saw again. When her son, Patrizio, was born, she was nineteen years old.

The actress took her initial steps in the film industry even then. It was determined by the producers to keep this negative narrative quiet. Consequently, Patrizio was introduced as the actress’s younger brother. This tale has influenced the mother-son bond. Although Claudia adored her kid, she was unsure of how to establish a bond with him.

The kid was adopted and given his last name by the actress’s spouse, Franco Cristaldi, the producer, after their marriage. As Patrizio grew older and relocated to New York, the mother and son became even more estranged. The actress’s son, who goes by Patrick these days, divorced his wife and kids. He is always trying to figure out who he is. He begins an activity but ends it quickly.

He begins an activity but ends it quickly. Patrick seems to be struggling to find his niche.

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