Monthly, My Wife Disappeared for Two Days, Prompting Me to Employ a Private Investigator — Tale of the Day

My wife went on a business trip for two days every single month, and I started to get suspicious. But a private detective uncovered something I never imagined, which changed our lives.

Victoria and I met when I was a college senior. She was an Art History professor at school and 10 years older than me. I asked her out many times, but she always said she wouldn’t date a student. I couldn’t let her go.

She was the most beautiful woman in the world, and I wanted to get to know her. After graduation, I tried again, and Victoria finally accepted. I fell in love with her quickly but passionately, while Victoria loved me in a more reserved way. After a few months, I asked her to marry me, and she agreed.

We had been together for seven years when I started to get suspicious of her monthly business trips. I understood that art teachers went to gallery openings and conferences all over the country. But every time Victoria returned, she was a little sad.

I asked her about it, but she never gave me a straight answer. “Honey, are you ok? What happened on that trip?” I said tentatively.

“Don’t worry about it, Dan. Traveling is just tough on me. I’m not that young anymore,” she said jokingly.

“You are the most vibrant woman in the world. You can do anything. I can go with you next time if you want,” I replied.

“No, darling. You have to accumulate your PTO for our vacation. I won’t give that up for anything!” she said and smiled at me. We were planning a trip to Hawaii this summer, as we couldn’t afford a honeymoon when we got married.

“Alright, Vicky. Just know that I’m here for you,” I added and hugged her. But Victoria was still pensive the rest of the night. I started to think that she might be seeing someone during those trips and was sad to return.

I wanted to trust her, as she had never given me any indication that she wanted to date other people, but I was a paranoid man. Maybe she was tired of a younger man and looking for someone she had more in common with.

A month later, she announced another trip and left. I couldn’t contain myself anymore and hired a private detective to follow her. “What exactly am I looking for, Mr. Powers?” the detective asked me.

“Detective Parker, I just want to know if she’s seeing another man. I think she might be cheating on me. Is that crazy?” I asked.

“Actually, no. Cheating spouses make up most of my business. Don’t worry, I’m an expert. Whatever she’s hiding, I’m going to find it!” Detective Parker assured. I left his office and waited for his call.

It came the following day. “Mr. Powers? I found what your wife is hiding, and she is, in fact, seeing another man…” he began.

“Oh, no. I can’t believe it,” I said and tears welled in my eyes.

“Wait a second, Mr. Powers, I’m not done,” the detective continued. “Your wife has actually been visiting her ex-husband all these years, according to the logs.”

“What do you mean logs?” I asked, confused.

“Well, the man is staying at a psychiatric hospital. Apparently, he had an episode before they got divorced and had to be hospitalized. I got a hold of his medical history, and it’s unlikely that he’ll ever get out,” Detective Parker explained.

I couldn’t believe it. She never told me she was married before. The next day, Victoria got home and I told her everything. “…And you have to know that I’m sorry I was paranoid. I tried to ask you, but I never found the right words to say,” I said to her.

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