Couple sees senior beagle being given away for free online and go to rescue her..

Couple sees senior beagle being given away for free online and go to rescue her..

Being a stray dog at shelters while waiting for adoption is difficult. The situation is only increased as you age.

The problem is that many people are drawn to puppies and young dogs. The demand for older dogs isn’t particularly large. This is a shame since they are filled with affection. They have lots of love to share through the years that they waited for their home to be found.

However, senior dogs without homes are common.

A senior beagle who was in dire seeking a home was offered to anyone who wanted it on Facebook. Namely, her name was Maple.

When Maple was first posted on Facebook she was in good shape even. She had a foul smell, overgrown, long nails as well as a pathetic appearance. However the couple was all set to come to her. Taylor as well as her partner raced to adopt Maple.

The couple was determined to find her.

According to the article, Maple had to go on the weekend, and Taylor along with her partner hurry drove for three hours to pick her up and then take her back home.

Taylor was aware at once that the life of Maple wasn’t an easy and straightforward one. So it was no surprise that the senior dog looked so content to have been saved.

Maple’s wait is finally over.

“We took her to the car, and she was seated on an extremely comfortable bed. She was merely reclining on the mattress,” Taylor recalled. “She appeared scared. We don’t know what was through?”

Maple was asleep throughout the beginning days in her new house “curled up into a tiny ball.” It was a strange feeling for someone who was familiar with having a bed. But, Maple gradually began to get out from her shell and gradually adjust to her new lifestyle.

Cooper the Taylor’s animal rescue companion, had a major role in this adjustment. The moment Cooper as well as Maple first came into contact, they immediately clicked. Cooper aided the shy senior dog through this important change.

“She began out as this very, really shut-off and shy dog but now she’s eager to go on a journey,” Taylor happily reported. “I believe the most important thing was being so loving with her, and then giving her everything and all the treats, and all those kisses to her stomach.”

They became the best of friends.

Today, the life of Maple has been drastically altered since she is having a great moments with her friend. Her life was filled with people and animals she is passionate about the most . She was celebrating the one year “Gotcha” day birthday!

It’s amazing how a person’s life can be changed through the power of love, and especially that of animals. For Maple the experience was worth the effort.

While it might have been a little late, we are glad Maple is finally with people who cherish and love her. She is deserving of everything!


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